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Notable Neighbors: Mary and Mark Schwartz

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Bloomington Briefing Published May 3, 2021
Updated on April 8, 2022

The first thing you’ll notice about Mary Schwartz is the smile in her eyes, but if you look closely, you might even see a little dance in her step. The Bloomington resident has an optimistic spirit that comes through when she volunteers with the City’s Medical Reserve Corps. Mary and her spouse, Mark, help with COVID-19 vaccination clinics at Civic Plaza.

For Mary that sometimes means a happy dance with clinic patrons. “They’re happy to get their vaccinations so we do a little happy dance,” she said. “Obviously, we’re six feet apart and aren’t doing any high fives.”  

The volunteer role of a greeter and usher is a natural fit for Mary. In February, she and Mark joined the City’s Medical Reserve Corps. They signed up online with no expectations about hearing back. It was a pleasant surprise when they got a call back and were asked to volunteer.  

“We wanted to be part of the streamlined effort in the community,” Mary said. “The sooner we can get people vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to life again.”

COVID-19’s influence has touched the Schwartz’s household. Their son is in medical school and had to quarantine twice. Their daughter is taking part in a vaccine clinical trial. Concerns about the pandemic sparked Mary and Mark to volunteer.

“It’s not just me being a good person,” Mary said. “I have a lot of positive influence around me and have wonderful people around me—wonderful role models.”

No doubt, all that positive thinking is contagious. As a community volunteer and ambassador of goodwill, Mary’s a great role model, too.