Importance of exercise

A little exercise makes a big difference in your health. It can be hard to get started and keep going, but once you do, workouts offer many benefits. From better balance to diabetes prevention to improved mental health, physical activity enhances quality of life. You’ll also benefit from sounder sleep and a stronger immune system, an important defense during this pandemic.

“With COVID-19, with all the feelings of stress and anxiety, exercise is a positive way to deal with it,” Public Health Specialist Joan Bulfer said.

One reason people put off exercise is that it can take time to make a noticeable difference. But there is one immediate reward. Endorphins released during a workout can improve your mood. 

“The evidence is overwhelming that exercise is good for us, our hearts and minds,” Bulfer said. “Even a short burst of exercise can distract you from your thoughts and get you through the winter.”