How contact tracing helps in different ways

Contact tracing does more than promote public health. In June, Public Health Planner Kelly Deweese, above, reached out to a woman who tested positive for COVID-19 for what would be a challenging but well-resolved call. When the woman was tested, she was told her lack of health insurance was a barrier for getting additional help. 

With an interpreter on the line, Deweese listened to the woman’s concerns and frustrations. The woman was unemployed. Deweese provided helpful options for issues with food and rent (VEAP), and health care (Portico Health.) Deweese not only gathered vital information about the woman’s COVID-19 diagnosis, but connected her with local resources to help her stay healthy and safe.

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If you want verification that the call you received is from a Public Health staff member, call the Public Health contact tracing line at 952-563-8600 directly before you provide personal information.