Holiday recycling tips

Did you know from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, holiday waste increases by more than 25%? Ensure you’re putting your holiday discards in the right place. Here’s what you can and cannot put in your recycling cart.

  • Gift boxes: Break down to recycle or save intact to use again next year.
  • Cartons: From eggnog, wine, broth and milk.
  • Cards, junk mail and newspapers.
  • Tins: Decorative, cookie and pie, or save for reuse.
  • Aluminum foil and trays (mostly clean): Ball up the foil to be three inches in diameter or larger.
  • Ribbons.
  • Wrapping paper: New this year, wrapping paper is no longer accepted, with or without glitter or reflective or reflective decorations. Consider reusable alternatives such as cloth or gift bags.
  • Plastic bags
  • Holiday lights: Bring to the Hennepin County Drop-Off Facility, 1400 West 96th Street, for recycling.

Want to recycle your food waste? Take your food, prep scraps, leftovers and paper towels to an organics drop-off location listed at

For more information about how to properly dispose of items, visit or call 952-563-8760.