How to help during COVID-19


These organizations have multiple ways to help those in need. Send suggestions of other organizations and their specific opportunities to

Adopt a Neighbor checklist 

This checklist includes tips and key information to record in case you need support from a trusted neighbor, friend or family member during COVID-19. The key to being successful is to plan ahead, before you may become ill, in partnership with a neighbor or a friend.

American Red Cross - Minnesota Region

Eligible, healthy donors are strongly urged to make an appointment to provide lifesaving blood products to patients. 

Appointment slots are filling up quickly; you may need to sign up for a blood drive 10-14 days in the future or expand your search criteria. 

Bloomington Public Schools – Summer Meal Program

Many Bloomington Public Schools families rely on daily school meals for their children. While schools are closed, BPS is providing nutritious lunch and breakfast grab-and-go meals every weekday. This program will continue during the summer.

Bloomington Public Schools is in urgent need of volunteers to assist with the summer meal program and food package distribution. Interested volunteers can contact Volunteer Connection at 952-681-6292. 

Donate financially through the Bloomington Education Foundation. Bloomington Public Schools has a continued need for face masks for staff members working on essential functions including child care and meal distribution. If you are interested in making and/or donating masks, email to coordinate a time and location for drop-off.

Bloomington Education Foundation – Children’s Food for Thought Program 

The Education Foundation of Bloomington has a long history of helping Bloomington families through the Children’s Food for Thought program. While schools are closed, Bloomington Public Schools is providing nutritious lunch and breakfast grab-and-go meals every weekday. The Education Foundation of Bloomington is partnering with Bloomington Public Schools to take donations to help offset the cost of meal distribution during this critical time. 

Please help by making a donation to help keep students healthy and learning. 


Bridging is open to accept donations and client services have resumed.

For information on financial contributions, visit To donate furniture, housewares and home essentials, visit


Accepting donations items needed for the emergency safe shelter:

  • Cleaning sprays
  • Clorox or other disinfecting wipes
  • Paper Towels
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Dish soap
  • Sponges

Drop off at 1000 E 80th Street (55420) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Call first at 952-884-0376; press 7 for donation

You can also donate gift cards to retailers such as grocery stores, Walmart, Target, etc. $20 denominations are preferred.

Good In the Hood

Food distribution in Bloomington will continue with pre-bagged or pre-boxed groceries on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 5 - 8 p.m. at Cedar Valley Church (8600 Bloomington Avenue South). You can help by:

  • Donating shoes – every pair will enable Good in the Hood to feed at least one more person with up to seven days of groceries. Drop off at any Schuler Shoe store or ship to: 

    Attn. Jamie
    Good in the Hood

    2101 Chicago Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN 55404

  • Donating money for groceries. Visit and select the blue donate icon
  • Donating nonfood items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, plastic gloves, paper towels, diapers, etc. by bringing them to the warehouse at 8063 Ranchers Road, Fridley, MN 55432. Warehouse is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.)
  • Becoming a flash (one-time events) or regular program volunteer
  • Contact info: (612) 217-4003 (leave a voicemail) or 

Help at Your Door

Help at Your Door helps seniors and individuals with disabilities continue living in their homes.


 Volunteer to help with shopping or delivery services available for those who cannot or are at high risk of leaving their homes during COVID-19.

Hennepin County

Staff working in quarantine operations, as first responders, in public health, and in clinics and hospitals are running low on supplies that keep them safe and help them continue their work protecting our community.

Donate priority items such as:

  • Protective face wear – N95 or N100 respirators, PAPRs and surgical masks
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Tyvek Coveralls
  • Tyvek food covers
  • Eye protection (wrap arounds or chemical splash)

Open boxes or containers cannot be accepted.

Drop off site:
Client and Community Restoration
3000 North Second Street
Minneapolis, MN 

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes will continue to provide meals for guests that are take-away only. The site at Creekside Community Center will remain open (Monday – Friday).

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is anticipating an increased need for on-call volunteers to continue meal service to our neighbors who depend on them. Healthy individuals can play a huge role in ensuring food delivery to people in need by signing up to be on-call if more volunteers are needed.

Normandale Community College

All donations to the Normandale Community College Foundation will be directed to student emergency funds through June 30. Donate to fund student emergency grants for food and other basic needs as they lose working hours, stay home with children, care for sick parents, possibly become ill themselves, and handle the complications of poverty.

Northstar Neighbor

Northstar Neighbor makes one-on-one connections between healthy volunteers with low COVID-19 risk factors with seniors or other high-risk individuals in the same community for remote companionship, conversation and help with delivery of groceries or prescriptions.  

To volunteer, sign up to be assigned a match and help by picking up groceries or prescriptions or simply being intentional about checking in to talk regularly.

Oasis for Youth

Oasis for Youth empowers all youth at risk of homelessness to believe in bright futures filled with hope, stability and self-fulfillment. Services are currently movingto appointment only. Those who wish to support Oasis for Youth can donate online through their Amazon Wish List.

Presbyterian Homes & Services

Residents in Presbyterian Homes Communities are unable to receive visits from families and friends during this time. 

Make a connection with an older adult. Seeking volunteers, both youth and adults, who are interested in becoming a pen pal via email or mail, sending small crafts or art work, providing phone call visits to get to know the residents, share stories, and more. The opportunity is flexible based on your schedule. Also calling on sewers to create masks and gowns when supplies have been depleted.

Email or visit

St. Bonaventure Catholic Community

St. Bonaventure's food shelf remains open. Food will be brought to clients in their cars. Fresh produce is available from St. Vincent De Paul, but funds are running low for shelf-stable items like peanut butter, tuna, etc. and toilet paper (typically 4 rolls are provided to clients).

Donate shelf-stable food or household items to:

St. Vincent de Paul Society
901 East 90th Street
Bloomington, MN 55420


VEAP programs include access to healthy foods, social services, housing stability and supportive services. You can help by:

  • Donating moneyVEAP can stretch every $1 donated through partnerships with local food banks, which will be important in the weeks and months to come. Every $100 donated can provide a week of meals for 30 people. A $1,000 donation is the average amount of a housing assistance grant that helps keep a family secure in their home through a financial crisis. 
  • Donating your extras. If your family stocked up on toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or shelf-stable products (like whole grain cereals, pasta, low-sodium soups) and you have more than you can use, please consider donating some to VEAP.
    • Local businesses and organizations are also stepping up for their community and holding Food Drives with their employees and supporters. VEAP is actively accepting food at their warehouse and welcomes bulk donations of all kinds! Register your Food Drive.
    • To make a donation of food or other items, simply drive around to the back of the Bloomington warehouse (9600 Aldrich Avenue S) and VEAP will get your donation into families' hands!
  • Getting others involved. If you have extra food items or can make a financial donation, it's possible your families and friends do, too. Please share this page in your Facebook groups, Nextdoor neighborhood, virtual bulletin boards, or anywhere else that will help spread the word about how people can support each other. Start a crowd-sourced fundraiser for VEAP on Facebook.
  • Volunteering. If you are healthy and have time to spare, volunteer at VEAP's warehouse or as a van driver making food deliveries to seniors and those with limited mobility. Fill out a "fast track" application to sign up for a warehouse or distribution shift.
  • Create cloth face masks for VEAP volunteers. Donations will be accepted at Door A of the VEAP building (volunteer and staff entrance).
  • Donate sanitizing wipes. VEAP is experiencing a shortage of sanitizing wipes that are needed to consistently clean and protect areas of high traffic in the building.


American Red Cross

  • Información General: Existe una escasez de sangre ya que muchos eventos para donar sangre han sido cancelados.
  • Donaciones: Aquellas personas que se sientan bien, se encuentren saludables, y sean elegibles para donar sangre o plaquetas pueden realizar una cita para efectuar la donación. infórmese un poco más en o llamando al 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).



  • Información General:
  • Voluntariado: Se suspenden todas las actividades de voluntariado hasta el 30 de abril.
  • Donaciones:
    • No se están aceptando donaciones (ni dejadas en la puerta ni entregadas) con la excepción de artículos necesarios para el albergue de emergencia. Deje sus donaciones en 1000 E 80th Street (55420) De lunes a Viernes, desde las 9 a.m. a las 5 p.m. Llame primero al 952-884-0376 (marque el 7 para donaciones)
      • Artículos de limpieza
      • Paños desinfectantes o Clorox
      • Toallas de papel
      • Jabón líquido para lavar las manos
      • Jabón para lavar los platos
      • Esponjas
    • Done tarjetas para comprar en Walmart, Target, etc. Se prefieren tarjetas de montos de $20.

Good in the Hood

  • Información General: En Bloomington, la distribución de la comida continúa realizándose mediante fundas previamente empacadas.
  • Voluntariado: Estamos buscando personas que puedan ayudar una sola vez o que puedan comprometerse a ayudar mediante el programa regular de voluntarios
  • Donaciones:
    • Done zapatos – cada par nos permite proveer de alimentos a por lo menos 1 persona más por el lapso de 7 días.  Haga la entrega de sus donaciones en el almacén Schuler Shoe o envíe sus donaciones a Good in the Hood, Attn. Jamie, 2101 Chicago Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
    • Done dinero para alimentos. Vaya a la página web  y haga clic en el icono de donación azul

Hennepin County

  • Información General: el personal que continúa laborando durante la cuarentena, como son los bomberos, policías, y personas que trabajan en salud pública, clínicas y hospitales están con niveles bajos de suministros de salud que los mantienen sanos para que puedan continuar trabajando por la protección de la comunidad.
  • Donaciones: Contáctese con Michael Tupy, 763-614-0503 o
    • Done artículos de prioridad, como por ejemplo:
      • Mascaras protectoras y respiradoras – N95 o N100, PAPRs y masaras quirúrgicas
      • Guantes de nitrilo
      • Cubre todo Tyvek
      • Tapas de comida Tyvek
      • Protectores de ojos (evitan salpicadas de productos químicos)
      • Cartones abiertos no serán aceptados.
    • Sitios de entrega: Biblioteca de Southdale, 7001 York Avenue South, Edina, MN 55435
      • Diariamente, 9 a.m. a 5 p.m.

Loaves and Fishes

Meals on Wheels

Normandale Community College

  • Información General: Todas las donaciones para la Fundación de Normandale Community College deben ser dirigidas hacia fondos de emergencia para estudiantes hasta el 30 de Junio.
  • Donaciones: Done al fondo de emergencia para ayudar a los estudiantes con becas para comida y otras necesidades básicas. Ayude a combatir las complicaciones de la pobreza, ya que muchos han perdido horas de trabajo, están quedándose en casa con sus niños, cuidando a sus padres enfermos, y posiblemente se enfermen ellos mismos. Visite

Oasis for Youth

St. Bonaventure Catholic Communities

  • Información General: los bancos de alimentos permanecen abiertos; los alimentos serán llevados al carro. Se necesitan fondos para conservas como mantequilla de maní, atún, papel higiénico (usualmente se entrega 4 rollos por cliente).
  • Donaciones: Done conservas y alimentos de larga duración.
    • St. Vincent de Paul Society, 901 E 90th Street, Bloomington, MN 55420


  • Información General: Se brinda servicio al carro, y entrega a domicilio a adultos mayores con dificultad de movilidad. 
  • Voluntariado: Si usted está bien de salud, brinde su ayuda en la bodega o como chofer entregando comida a domicilio.
  • Donaciones: Cada $100 donados alcanzan para proveer una semana de comidas para 30 personas. Una donación de $1,000 es el monto promedio de los subsidios para vivienda que se entrega a familias para ayudarlas a mantenerse seguras en sus hogares durante una crisis financiera.
    • Estamos recibiendo conservas y alimentos de larga duración, especialmente cereales de grano integral, pasta (espagueti es la opción favorita de muchos visitantes), y sopas bajas en sodio. Las donaciones son aceptados en la parte de atrás del edificio.
    • Empiece un grupo en Facebook para recoger fondos para VEAP. Involucre a sus amigos y familiares en la campana de ayuda para combatir el hambre. 



Bulshooyinka Kaatooliga ah ee St. Bonaventure

  • Macluumaadka Guud: Khaanadaha cuntadu waa furnaanayaan; cuntooyinka waxaa loogu keenayaa macaamiisha gaariyaashooda. Marka lacagtu ay ka yaraanayso wixii ah alaabta marfashka sida subaga lawska, tunada, iwm. iyo xaashiyada musqusha (caadiyan 4 dfuub ayaa la siinayaa macaamiisha).
  • Wax sadaqayso: Ku deeq cuntooyinka aan qurmin ama alaabada guriga.
    • St. Vincent de Paul Society, 901 E 90th Street, Bloomington, MN 55420


  • Macluumaad Guud:
  • Mutadawac: Joojinta dhammaan shaqooyin tabarucaada ilaa Abriil 30.
  • Wax sadaqayso:
    • Ma awoodno inaan aqbalno alaabaha la sadaqaysanaayo (kuwa la soo dhigo ama la keeno) marka laga reebo alaabaha looga baahan yahay hooyga badbaadada xaalada degdega ah. Keen alaabta xarunta 1000 E 80th Street (55420) Isniinta ilaa Jamcada laga bilaabo 9 subaxnimo ilaa 5 galabnimo 952-884-0376 (riix 7 si aad u dirto sadaqada)
      • Buufinada nadiifinta
      • Clorox ama suufyada kale ee daawada jeermiska.
      •  Shukumaanka Xaanshida ah
      • Saabuunta faraxalka ee dareeraha ah
      • Saabuunta weelasha
      • Isboonyooyinka
    • Sadaqayso kaararka hadiyadaha kuwa dukaanada adeegga, Walmart, Target, iwm. $20 oo sadaqo ah ayaa fiican.

Degmada Hennepin

  • Macluumaadka Guud: Shaqaalaha ku shaqaynaaya hawlaha karantiimada, ayadoo shaqaalaha gurmadka, caafimaadka bulshada, iyo xarumaha caafimaadka iyo isbitaaladu ay ku yaraadeen alaabihii loo baahnaa ee dhawraayay badbqabkooda kana caawinaayay inay sii wataan shaqadooda difaacida bulshada.
  • Wax sadaqayso: La xariir Michael Tupy, 763-614-0503 ama
    • Sadaqayso alaabaha muhiimka ah sida:
      • Maas garaatiyada wajiga ee difaaca – qalabka neefta ee N95 ama N100, PAPRs maas garaatiyada qaliinka
      • Galoofisyada Nitrile
      • Shulugyada Tyvek
      • daboolada cuntada ee Tyvek
      • Difaaca indhaha (duubka indhaha ama difaaca faniinka kiimikada)
      • Bokisyada ama qasacyada furan lama aqbali karo.
    • Xarunta alaabta la dhigaayo: Southdale Library, 7001 York Avenue South, Edina, MN 55435
      • Maalin kasta, 9 subaxnimo ilaa 5 galabnimo.

Gaynta Cuntooyinka (Meals on Wheels)

Kuleejka Bulshada ee Normandale (Normandale Community College)

  • Macluumaadka Guud: Dhammaan sadaqooyinka lagu bixinaayo Haayada Normandale Community College waxaa lagu shubi doonaa sanduuqa xaaladaha degdega ah ee ardayda ilaa bisha Juun 30.
  • Wax sadaqayso: Sadaqo ku darsato sanduuqa deeqaha xaaladaha degdega ah ee ardayda ee cuntooyinka iyo baahiyaha kale ee aasaasiga ah maadaama ay luminayaan saacadahooda shaqada, ay la joogaan ilmaha guriga, ay daryeelayaan waalidka jiran, ay suuragal tahay inay ayagu jiradaan, ayna la dalaa dhacayaan dhibaatooyinka fakhriga adoo galaaya

Laan Qeyrta Cas ee Maraykanka (American Red Cross)

  • Macluumaadka Guud: Dhiiga ayaa aad u yar sabab la xariirta in si lama filaan ah loo joojiyay shaqooyinka dhiig aruurinta.
  • Wax sadaqayso: Dadka caafimaadka qaba, dareemaaya caafimaadka suuragalna ay tahay inay dhiig shubaan ama xinjiro ayaa qabsan kara balan ay dhiig ku shubaan. Xog dheeraad ah ka baro ama wac 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

Roodhiga iyo Kaluunka (Loaves and Fishes)

Ururka Dhalinyarada ee Oasis (Oasis for Youth)


  • Macluumaadka Guud: Nidaamka baabuurka lagu qaybinaayo cunto, alaabo loo gaynaayo dadka waayeelka ah ee guriga lagu xanibay iyo dadka aan socon karin. 
  • Mutadawac: Haddii aad caafimaad qabto, kusoo biir bakhaarka ama adoo ah darawal cunto samaynaya
  • Wax sadaqayso: $100 kii doolar ee kasta oo lagu deeqo ayaa cunto ugu filan hal asbuuc 30 qof. Halka $1,000 doolar ee la sadaqaysato ay tahay cadadka celceliska ee deeqaheena caawimaada guriyaynta ee ka caawiya qoyska inay gurigooda daganaadaan xiligan lagu jiro dhibaatada dhaqaale.
    • Raadinta deeqaha cuntadda ee alaabta qaanada la gashan karo, gaar ahaana seeriyalka haruurka guud, baastada (baasadu ayaa ah cuntada ay ugu jecel yihiin booqdayaasha) iyo  maraqa ay cusbadu ku yartahay. Sadaqada waxaa qabanaaya mutadawiciin ku sugan dhabarka danbe ee dhismaha.
    • Ka biloow Barnaamij Lacag  lagu aruurinaayo Facebook si aad u Caawiso VEAP. U sheeg saaxiibadaa iyo ehelkaaga inay ka qaybgalan taageerida dagaalka kadhanka ah gaajada. 

Wax walba way Wanaagsan yihiin

  • Macluumaadka Guud: Qaybinta cuntada ayaa kasii socon doonta dukaano cuntada lagusii diyaar shay oo ku yaala Bloomington
  • Mutadawac: Waxaan raadinaynaa mutadawiciin halmar ah (munaasabaadka hal mar) ama mutadawiciinta barnaamij joogto ah
  • Wax sadaqayso:
    • Sadaqayso kabo - joog kasta wuxuu u sahlayaa Wanaag kajira Xaafada (Good in the Hood) inay quudiso ugu yaraan 1 qof oo dheeraad ah ilaa 7 maalmood oo adeegga dukaanka ah. Keen sadaqo mid uun ka mid ah dukaanada Kabaha Schuler ama u dhiib xarunta Schuler Good in the Hood, Attn. Jamie, 2101 Chicago Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
    • Sadaqayso lacag wax looga iibsho dukaanada adeegga. Gal barta kadibna dhagsii batoonka donate (sadaqayso) ee buluuga ah