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Breastfeeding friendly child care

We have everything you need to apply!

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) accepts applications at any time. However, MDH will only review applications and make their decisions twice yearly.

Applications that MDH receives by August 15 will be reviewed by September 30. Applications MDH receives by February 15 will be reviewed by March 31.

Prepare before you apply

Click each step for resources or information.

Prepare a space for your employees and/mothers who want breastfeed or express breastmilk to feed their baby.

Take pictures of your space(s) to send with your application.

Create a culturally appropriate environment. 

Use resources available to you. You may also download and display this poster:

Make breastfeeding-friendly learning and play opportunities available for children. 

Establish a policy for supporting breastfeeding mothers and/or employees (You will send this with your application.):

Complete professional development training. 

Provide copies of training certificates or your staff development learning record(s) with your application.

Provide information to staff and/or helpers about best practices.

You may download and use the following handouts: 

Follow the proper storage and handling guidelines.

Be able to provide a list of community breastfeeding resources and support materials.


Apply for Breastfeeding Friendly status in just 10 minutes!

Once you have prepared a space and downloaded our forms, you can quickly submit your application:
  • Send as email attachments to MDH:
    • Your completed application
    • Your breastfeeding policy
    • Picture(s) of your designated space for pumping breastmilk