Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a nationwide program to prevent property theft and burglary. This is done by marking your personal property with your permanent identification number and by displaying the Operation ID sticker.

How does this prevent theft?

Marked property can be easily traced, and it is solid evidence of possession of stolen goods.

How do I join?

This is a free program provided by the Police Department. We will assign a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and for a small deposit you can use one of our engravers. You will be given an Inventory form. This is helpful to record items you've marked so you may readily identify these as yours should they be recovered by the police.

How are the items identified?

Engrave your assigned PIN number on your items. Be sure to use ALL of the 14 letters and numbers. Ownership of any item marked in this way can be readily traced by any law enforcement agency. The PIN number remains your no matter where you live.

Who should use operation ID?

Everyone! Homeowners and renters alike. Remember items in storage sheds, motor homes and cabins.

What should I mark?

Cameras, video cameras, lawn equipment, tools, speakers, bicycles and sports equipment, outboard motors and trolling motors, televisions, sporting equipment and guns are a few suggestions. Some valuables such as crystal, jewelry, artwork, furs and antiques cannot be engraved. Another way to inventory your valuables is by making a videotape and/or by taking photos of such items.