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Water testing scam

In the last week, a number of residents have reported people coming to their homes regarding water testing. This is what is known:

  • Two individuals tell the resident they are there on behalf of the City of Bloomington and their water was deemed unsafe.
  • They test the water, sneak something into the glass, and then tell the resident their water is dangerous.
  • They claim their water heater needs a new filter or parts.
  • In one case, they had someone fill out a credit report. They did not take it with them, but took a photo of the information.
  • It appears they target people with English as a second language.
  • In one known case, they provided a brochure from USL Home Services in Georgia. Upon investigation, the City verified this is NOT an authentic company and are not operating out of the address stated on their materials.
  • The City Licensing Department confirmed they currently do not have a solicitors license for this company.

At this time, the City is not aware of any specific crimes resulting in this apparent scam.

Please contact 911 immediately if you are approached by individuals inquiring about your water.