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Contact Information

Mike Utecht

Acting Deputy Chief

Two Juveniles Arrested for Possession Stolen Auto and Possession of Handguns

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Media Releases Published November 4, 2022
Updated on November 4, 2022
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Two Juveniles Arrested for Possession Stolen Auto and Possession of Handgun

On Thursday, November 3, at approximately 6:40 PM the Bloomington Police Department SWAT Team served a search warrant on the 103rd block of Devonshire Rd related to the investigation of two males, both 15 years of age, who were arrested earlier for possession of a stolen auto and possession of a handgun. Earlier on Thursday, at approximately 2:30 PM, Bloomington Police Officers were investigating a stolen vehicle located in the area of 101st and Colfax Ave. Two juvenile males fled from this area on foot, officers were able to locate and arrest the males. A loaded, stolen handgun was located on one of the males. A second loaded handgun, believed to have been ditched by the other male, was later located in a nearby trash receptacle. The second male also had an active Ramsey County warrant for possession of a weapon on school property. Both juvenile males were transported to Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center. No additional arrests were made at the scene of the search warrant. This is an active/ongoing investigation.