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Stay vigilant to curb COVID-19 in the community

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Bloomington Briefing Published January 28, 2021

“Every couple of weeks, we have at least one Bloomington officer that tests positive for COVID. We’re out in the community every single day,” Officer Erika Brown said.

Even with a vaccine’s arrival, we must remain vigilant to protect ourselves, our families and neighbors. Pandemic fatigue can set in, but public health measures — wearing a mask, keeping your distance from others — are tools that will bring us to a faster and more sustainable recovery and help us return to normal day-to-day activities.

“Keep practicing the guidelines, stay safe, not only for your sake, but our sake too, with the masks and the distancing,” Brown said. 

In March, Brown came down with COVID-19. Around that same time, Sergeant Erik Norling and Officer Jerry Wukawitz contracted the coronavirus. They all became very ill and have recovered for the most part. Wukawitz still experiences a loss of taste and smell. These officers know how serious the virus is and want others to take precautions.

“We just ask that the public is patient. I know it’s tough. It’s tough. It’s wearing on everybody. The finish line is out there. We see it. Let’s get there. Let’s do it together,” Wukawitz said.

Councilmember Jenna Carter understands how quickly COVID-19 can take over a family; everyone in her household became infected. She said each one of us can make a difference by following public health measures and if you have the opportunity to get a vaccine, do so. 

“The approved vaccines are safe and effective, and if we all do our part, they will help us get through this quicker,” she said.

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