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Preventing package theft

Be merry but mindful of home deliveries. Thieves can take notice of packages left in your car or outside your home. While the number of packages actually stolen is relatively low compared to what’s shipped, it is still wise to take precautions. Safeguard your packages with these tips:  

If possible, have your packages delivered to a trusted neighbor’s or relative’s house, or another place where they can be received in person. When making a purchase online, if the retailer provides the option, select a specific delivery time.  

Take advantage of delivery alerts and be notified when packages arrive.  If possible, request the delivery company to hold your packages at their closest pick-up facility.

When purchasing from larger retailers, consider having your package delivered to a local store. Ask the shipper to require a signature confirmation of delivery. 

If a package is delivered to you and stolen, call the Police at 952-563-4900 or 911. Also, report the theft to the company or agency that performed the delivery and to the business that sold you the product.  

For information, contact Crime Prevention Coordinator Katie Chase at 952-563-8808 or