Large Cat Sighted in Bloomington

For Release Immediate
August 21, 2019

Residents in the area of 102nd Street and Chicago Avenue have reported seeing a large cat on two different occasions during the last three days. Both described the cat as looking like a cougar. At this time, no photos have been taken of the animal. 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says that in the last 15 years there have only been about 30 cougar sightings across the state.

If a cougar is sighted or encountered, residents are asked to follow the below safety tips before calling the Bloomington Police Department. 

  • Keep calm.
  • Make yourself look as large as possible and back away slowly, keeping the cougar in view, and allowing a clear exit for the cougar.
  • Pick up children and small pets immediately.
  • Never run or turn your back—sudden movements may provoke an attack.

Learn more about cougars in Minnesota by visiting: