How to protect yourself from carjacking

There have been very few carjackings in the city, but the Bloomington Police Department has some helpful tips to share with residents to have as they move about the metro area. 

“Statistically, your chance of being a victim of a carjacking is very slim,” said Crime Prevention Coordinator Katie Zerull. “However, preventative actions can reduce the risk even more. You can also help prevent these types of crimes by calling 911 to report suspicious activity immediately.”

To reduce your chance of being a victim of carjacking: 

  • Always keep your doors locked and windows up. 
  • Do not leave your car running with keys in the ignition. 
  • When stopped in traffic, keep one car length between you and the car in front of you. This gives you room to maneuver and escape if necessary. 
  • Beware of individuals approaching your vehicle to ask for directions, hand out flyers, etc. 
  • Keep your purse, tablet, laptop and other valuables in the trunk or out of sight. Keep your phone on you. 
  • Stay vigilant in public garages, parking lots and ramps, gas stations, drive-up ATMs, stoplights and controlled intersections. 

Questions? Contact Crime Prevention Coordinator Katie Zerull at 952-563-8808 or