The Joint Community Police Partnership

Community collaborations

The Joint Community Police Partnership (JCPP) works to enhance communication between law enforcement and multicultural residents. By building trust and communication between the police and community members, JCPP aims to improve the safety and livability of the community. One way JCPP does that is through its Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC). 

Committee members meet with police on a monthly basis to discuss topics that are important to their communities. The meetings are an opportunity for two-way communication that will enhance mutual understanding between police and the people they serve. 

“If we want a change, we need to communicate with each other and being part of MAC is an chance to build that communication between police and the community,” MAC member Guille Garza said. “The best way to grow as a community is understanding all cultures.”

Anyone who lives, works or worships in Bloomington can apply to become a Multicultural Advisory Committee member. For more information, visit or call 952-563-8700