Adult Male Arrested for Invasion of Privacy

For Release Immediately October 9, 2019

On September 28, a 41 year old male from Elk River was arrested on Probable Cause Invasion of Privacy. The suspect had entered a dressing room at Forever 21 located inside the Mall of America, and attached a portable camera in an adjacent dressing room. Forever 21 staff had recognized the suspect from a past occurrence and immediately called Mall Security and Bloomington Police. The suspect was stopped as he exited the dressing room and questioned. A camera was recovered from the adjacent dressing room. The suspect was in possession of items that were used to hang the camera on the dressing room wall as well as monitor the Bluetooth remote camera feed. He was arrested and booked on Invasion of Privacy charges.

This is an ongoing investigation. At this time we are working with other jurisdictions who may have taken similar reports involving the suspect recording in other retail dressing rooms.

If members of the public feel they have been victimized, they are encouraged to call the Bloomington police at 952-563-4900.

Attached is a photo of the utility type box that was used to disguise the remote camera which was hung on a dressing room wall.

UPDATE October 10, 2019: 

We appreciate all of the media’s response and reporting on this case of Invasion of Privacy. The response from the public and potential victims has been overwhelming. In an effort to help manage those calls, we have created a specific line for the public to access and leave their contact information for investigative follow up.

That phone number is; 952-563-4994

A reminder that this line is not to report in-progress calls or a need for immediate police service.

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