National Night Out

Registration will open by June 14th. 


What is National Night Out?

National Night Out (NNO) is an annual community-building campaign that is celebrated nationwide. The campaign promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make neighborhoods a safer, better place to live.

National Night Out is designed to:

  • Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
  • Generate support for local anti-crime efforts
  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships
  • Send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back

When is National Night Out?

National Night Out takes place on the first Tuesday of August each year.  Police and Fire Department visits will be scheduled from 6 - 8 p.m.

Flyer coming soon!

How do we register our block to participate?

Registration will open by June 14. You should get a confirmation screen and an email that shows your registration was received.

What if we don't register our block party?

If you do not register your party by the close of the registration period, we encourage you to still host a party, but unfortunately we will not be able to schedule a police or fire visit. 

How do I know if my neighborhood is having a party?

Parties that are registered are depicted on a map (which becomes available roughly 6 weeks prior to the event) and updated roughly every 1-2 weeks. 

Now that our neighborhood is registered, now what?

Inform your neighborhood that an event is planned and encourage neighbors to attend. Each neighborhood can determine when and where they will meet, if food or activities will be planned and if any items are needed to be brought to the party (chairs, table, cooler...)

What is in a party packet?

Stay tuned for party packet information for 2021

Typically, Party Packets are available in the Police Department lobby starting July 1. Party Packets contain a National Night Out newsletter which covers many details to help you have a successful event. A blank invitation and contact form is included as well as a number of resources you can bring to your party. Caution tape is also provided to block off your street. ("See can we block off our street?" for more information)

Can we block off our street for our event?

Caution Tape is available for your party.

Important notes on caution tape:

  • The caution tape is to assist you in communication and safety for your National Night Out event. It is intended to be used only on NNO and not on public streets other days of the year.

  • The safety tape DOES NOT provide an official closure of the street but only assist with communications for the event.

  • Please respect the fact that some neighbors, emergency response vehicles, or others may use the street; hence the street shouldn’t be blocked and your care in placing tables, chairs, or objects at the edge of the street or on a driveway would be appreciated.

  • Please adhere the caution tape to a tree, chair, cooler… with at least one moveable support.

  • Tape should be back 30 feet from the edge of an intersected street.

  • Keeping in mind, the visiting police, fire and ambulance vehicles need access to your street and party area. 

  • At the conclusion of your party, you are free to dispose of the tape or keep it to use again in future years.

Should there be a reason to call on this matter, the Traffic Maintenance office number is 952-563-4585.

Can we request a certain visitor to our party?

We make every effort to have a police, fire or ambulance representative stop by your party. They will randomly attend as many parties as they are able to across the city that night. We cannot accept special request due to the high volume of parties schedule for the evening.

2021 National Night Out Chalk Art Contest

Chalk Art Contest! The Chalk Art Contest was a great hit in 2019 so we are doing it again!

Let's see what your neighbors can create on National Night Out.

Prizes will be given to:

  • Best Overall
  • Most Creative
  • Most Representative of National Night Out

What kind activities can we do at our National Night Out Party?

Activities for children:

  • Bike, scooter, stroller parade
  • Face painting
  • Have kids create a banner for your event
  • Make a skate/bike course
  • Jump rope
  • Balloon toss
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Used toy exchange (kids bring toys to swap)
  • Tug of war
  • Photo booth
  • Bouncy house

Activities for adults:

  • History of the city trivia
  • Neighborhood quizzes
  • Food contest

I've heard of neighborhoods doing a theme party. What is that?

  • Crazy hat contest
  • Hawaiian/beach theme
  • Progressive Party 
  • Pet contest
  • Pizza Party
  • Ice Cream Social

Pinterest can be a great resource for ideas and help in planning a Block Party. 

I want to get our neighborhood together, but I'm too busy. Now what?

Instead of having a big meal or an over the top party, commit to 15-20 minutes to get neighbors reacquainted. If you can't make it to an event that evening, you can still participate in National Night Out by turning on your porch light and taking a moment to interact with your neighbors.

Why is it important to update/or obtain contact lists for our neighborhood?

National Night Out is an excellent time to update/or obtain the contact list for your neighborhood. Having a neighborhood contact list can become very important in a moment of crisis, or when dealing with crime and safety issues that could be effecting your neighborhood. A sign in sheet is offered for your convenience. 

National Night Out Sign in Sheet

Neighborhood Watch Contact Sheet

What if our neighborhood cannot have a party on National Night Out?

If your neighborhood gathering will not be held on National Night Out, we still encourage you to get together with your neighbors, but a police or fire department visit will NOT be scheduled. 

What if it rains on National Night Out?

NNO is a rain or shine event. Regardless of the weather circumstances, NNO will still be held! We will just look for you in a garage or under a tent. 

The City of Bloomington Participates in a Food Drive on National Night Out

Numerous neighborhoods choose to participate in a VEAP food drive as their contributions help individuals and families in our neighborhood remain strong and stable. Items are collected at block parties and gathered items are then brought to VEAP at 9600 Aldrich Ave S. Drop-off hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Thursday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. PH: 952-888-9616

VEAP Flyer for National Night Out

We have great photos of our event we'd like to share. How do we do that?

We'd love to see your photos! Please upload them here

National Night Out Success

The 2019 National Night was a success for the Bloomington Police Department. Police officers and firefighters visited many of the 380 neighborhood parties that registered. The most unusual year of 2020 meant we couldn't hold a National Night Out event. So we are excited for 2021's event and look forward to seeing everyone at NNO!

What if I still have questions? Who do I contact?

If you still have question, you can contact:

Katie Zerull
Crime Prevention Specialist
Bloomington Police Department