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Joint Community Police Partnership


Our mission is to enhance communication and understanding between law enforcement and the multicultural residents of these cities. By building trust and communication between the police and community members, we will ultimately improve the safety and livability of our communities. We are working together to build safer communities.

What does JCPP do?

In order to build better relations with multicultural communities, JCPP has three main strategies:

  1. Improve the community member’s knowledge and understanding of police procedures and laws.
  2. Improve the officer’s knowledge and under-standing of the diverse cultural communities residing in their cities.
  3. Provide more opportunities for positive interaction and two-way communication between police officers and community members.

Our outreach efforts include:

  • Each police department has a community liaison embedded at their department.
  • Multicultural community service officers have been hired.
  • Police officers are now trained to be culturally competent.
  • Officers are provided with Spanish lessons.
  • Community members come to small meetings in their homes, churches, community centers and more to learn about laws and police procedures.
  • Adult and youth attend academies to improve their understanding of police procedures and laws.
  • Creating pamphlets and videos and translating them to help community members better understand police services and laws.

How can I get involved?

  • The New Americans Academy is a six-week class for adult community members, especially immigrants and refugees, who want to learn more about police procedures and laws. Sessions generally include information about such topics as traffic stops, when to call 911, alcohol and drugs, city code enforcement, domestic violence, and gangs.
  • Teen and youth academies are organized in collaboration with area elementary and high schools to provide children and youth with the opportunity to learn more about the police and the laws. Topics include such issues as internet safety, anti-bullying, illegal drugs, gangs and dating violence.
  • Community meetings and informational Q&A sessions with police officers are periodically held at community locations, including apartment complexes, churches, residents’ homes, and at English Language Learner (ELL) classes. Topics can be tailored to the needs and interest of the audience. Meetings can be as small as 15 - 20 people or as large as 300-plus people.
  • The JCPP Multicultural Advisory Committee meets with police personnel on a monthly basis to discuss topics that are important to their communities. The meetings are an opportunity for two-way communication and to enhance mutual understanding between police and the community. Committee membership is open to anyone interested in applying that lives, works or worships in the respective city.
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