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C.O.V.E.R Program (Crisis or Violent Extremist Reporting)

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Bloomington Police Department

C.O.V.E.R. Program

Crisis or Violent Extremist Reporting

952-563-HOPE (4673)

  • Anonymous tip line where information can be left to facilitate contact with those in need of mental health services
  • Early warning and intervention system to anonymously report those engaged in violent extremism
  • A means to anonymously report those who make threats against others and or amass the means to carry out such threats

Your anonymous tip will be vetted and action taken to provide help to that individual. Our HOPE is that with your anonymous tip, members of our community will get the resources they need and help us maintain public safety. 

A printable flyer can be found here.

Please note, this number is not monitored 24-hours a day so please call 911 in an emergency.