Auto theft prevention

  1. Take your keys. 
    Approx. 1 in 5 vehicles is stolen with the keys in it.
  2. Never hide a spare key in your car. 
    Spare keys are easily found; thieves know where to look.
  3. Lock your car. 
    Nearly half of vehicles stolen are left unlocked.
  4. Never leave your car’s engine running. 
    Vehicles are commonly stolen from gas stations, convenience stores, and driveways, etc.
  5. Completely close all windows when parking.
    Don’t make it easier for the thief to steal.
  6. Don’t leave valuables in plain view. 
    You become a target for theft. A GPS device, its power cord or cradle left visible in a vehicle are the #1 targets for thieves, followed by purses and laptops. If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk before you reach your destination.
  7. Install visible or audible alert devices. 
    These can include; audible alarms, steering wheel locks, wheel locks, theft deterrent decals, etc. These devices can deter a crime or increase the time needed to steal your car.

Theft from Autos Prevention Tips can be found here:

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