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Public Health

Service evaluations provide opportunities

The City began performing in-depth evaluations of service areas this year. The City Council requested these service reviews as part of an ongoing effort to do more in-depth assessments of our processes.  

Conducting deep dives into City operations is consistent with our efforts to be a high-performing organization that values continuous improvement, and it furthers one of the City Council’s strategic goals of high-quality service delivery. 

Public Health and Human Services were reviewed earlier this year. There were no major reorganizational recommendations for Public Health, but changes were made to Human Services as a result of the review.  The evaluation included a review of services provided and budgetary data and personnel levels with significant input from internal and external stakeholders. The big-picture questions that the evaluations sought to answer included: 

Are the resources and services of these divisions optimally aligned to meet community needs and priorities? 

How much is the City spending on these services, and what is the return in value for our residents? 

If we don’t have the resources to be all things to all people, who are we going to focus services on and why? 

Are there services we currently provide that duplicate what other organizations are providing or could do better? 

Read more on this page about the upcoming changes in Human Services. We plan to continue these service evaluations with the goal of reviewing each department and division in time.