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What are barriers to employment?

Examples of barriers to employment include being eligible for free or reduced lunch at school,  being the first in your family to receive a high school diploma, and others. Visit for a full list of qualifying barriers to employment.

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New internship program for youth is budding at the City

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Bloomington Briefing Published January 4, 2023
Updated on January 4, 2023

The Bloom in Bloomington internship program offers eight weeks of paid internship experience for youth ages 16 – 24 with local employers, including the City of Bloomington. The City’s Community Development racial equity action team designed Bloom in Bloomington internships to provide youth who face barriers to employment an opportunity to build skills, learn leadership and gain valuable work experience.

“Bloomington is an economic engine for the region and we wanted to connect local youth with all the opportunities here,” Community Development Director Karla Henderson said. “We want this program to help plant the seeds to cultivate a future workforce for Bloomington and help make government accessible.”

In the coming years, Minnesota employment statistics confirm a projected workforce shortage. Conversely, nonwhite populations are growing more quickly than the White population in the Twin Cities region, according to Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Faith Jackson. To meet future workforce needs, Minnesota employers must attract and retain more workers of all races.

“Research shows that internships—specifically, paid internship opportunities—are often filled by White students over interns of color and LGBTQ+ communities,” Jackson said. “Higher rates of workplace diversity can help organizations evolve, innovate and be more efficient. By diversifying its workforce, the City works to eliminate disparities in employment and attract the future workforce needed for Bloomington to remain economically competitive and ensure a shared quality of life for
all residents.”

The new internship program will kick off in summer 2023. For more information or to learn how to become involved as an intern or a business, visit