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Expo 2027

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Bloomington Briefing Published October 6, 2021
Updated on October 6, 2021

In August, the federal government formally endorsed the Minnesota effort to bring an EXPO (World’s Fair) to the United States in 2027. Former Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has been championing a Minnesota EXPO bid for several years. Bloomington could be site for the three-month, 62-acre event. 

“The EXPO is projected to attract millions of visitors. Many will stay in Bloomington hotels, visit restaurants and attractions. Maybe more important than the event itself, the project would leave behind one million square feet of landmark developments for Bloomington businesses to use for decades,” City Manager Jamie Verbrugge said.   

The Bureau of International Expositions will vote in November 2022 to determine where Expo 2027 will take place. Minnesota’s proposed theme of health and wellness would showcase Minnesota’s strength in these areas. 

The U.S. hasn’t hosted an EXPO since 1984 in New Orleans.