City hires new Racial Equity Coordinator

The City hired Faith Jackson as its first-ever racial equity coordinator in late 2019. This new position is the latest of several steps the Council has taken to advance its work in equity and inclusion.  

In 1970, only one percent of Bloomington residents were nonwhite. In 2017, 48 percent of Bloomington kindergarteners were nonwhite. The City Council embraced the city’s growing diversity as a priority in its 2017 strategic plan. The Council decided its equity and inclusion efforts would focus on diversifying the City workforce and commissions and evaluating programs and services. 

Jackson is developing a framework to ground City employees in the foundational principles of racial equity. Her training explains government’s role in creating and maintaining racial inequities and provides an overview of the tools needed for change. 

She is also working with the Mayor and City Council on a training series that will help the Council recognize institutional and systemic barriers to services and opportunities for black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC communities). 

Moving forward, Jackson will coordinate efforts to integrate racial equity principles into all operations, projects and services of the City.