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At your service: Market Coordinator

Whether she’s reviewing market vendor applications, booking musicians, scheduling activities or promoting the market on social media, Farmers Market Coordinator Victoria Hoffman is dedicated to bringing residents fresh produce and a chance to meet local farmers every week at the Farmers Market. 

Hoffman’s job largely consists of making sure vendors are approved and ready to sell produce, food products and crafts each week. 

When it comes to fresh produce and local food, Hoffman is something of an expert. She has been involved in every facet of running a farmers market, starting as a vendor’s employee during college while  studying organic and local food systems. Most recently she was an assistant manager for the Kingfield, Fulton and Nokomis farmers markets in Minneapolis. When it comes to her day-to-day work, Hoffman says she loves market days the most. 

“It’s great to be outside and seeing people with armfuls of flowers and kids carrying around produce. It’s so fun,” she said.