Taxi licenses

The City of Bloomington requires taxicab companies be licensed by the City if they intend to pick up passengers within Bloomington. Individual drivers employed by those companies must also be licensed in Bloomington.

Drivers go through a rigorous background check and are issued picture identification. These ID cards must be displayed at all times and located in full view of the passengers. In addition, each taxicab must meet certain criteria.

The City's License Section issues and attaches an inspection sticker to each taxicab ONLY after it has verified that the vehicle:

  • Has passed a qualified mechanical inspection.
  • Is covered by all necessary insurance.
  • Has rates displayed on both sides of cab.
  • Has its identification number prominently displayed and placed in the correct location.

The City’s inspection sticker is affixed to the right rear of the vehicle. When transporting a customer, the taxicab meter must be operating/running unless the passenger is a contract fare.