How to get your Minnesota Real ID, Enhanced ID or Standard ID

Maybe you’ve heard about Real ID. It’s one of three driver’s license options, not just in Minnesota but across the country.

Regular Minnesota licenses will be accepted for official purposes, including air travel and federal facility entry, through October 1, 2020. Consider waiting until you have a change of address, change in your name or are close to your license expiration date to obtain a new one.

When it’s time for a new license, you have a choice of Real ID, Enhanced ID or Standard ID. All are valid for driving and most identification purposes. Only Real ID and Enhanced ID are acceptable for domestic air travel after October 1, 2020.

Save time online

An online pre-application lists each requirement in a step-by-step format. Completing it before  visiting Bloomington’s Motor Vehicle Office will save you time and prepare you for exactly what documents are necessary.

Take note of what you need to complete your driver’s license renewal or application. The pre-application is available at