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Going green for gifting

This holiday season, consider creating memories instead of giving traditional boxed and wrapped gifts for an easy, no-waste holiday. Start a tradition for new experiences rather than new things.

Gift-giving alternatives 

Many people would like to try new activities, but won’t spend the time and money on themselves. Get creative with memory gifting, give more of what really matters and avoid holiday shopping lines! Here are some ideas on how to create memories and give green.

  • Singing, piano, guitar, foreign language or other lessons.
  • Registration in a camp or continuing education class.
  • Passes to a regional, state or national park, or Metro Transit.
  • Tickets to a sporting event, play, concert, exhibit or cooking class.
  • Membership to a gym, health club or fitness studio.
  • A book of family recipes.
  • Help with shopping for food or cook meals, clean up, and serve or deliver.
  • Homemade treat of the month: Prepare a breakfast item, bread or dessert and deliver in person. It’s a fun excuse to visit and stay in touch beyond the holidays.
  • Share a top-10 book list and repurpose a favorite title you’ve read to get the recipient started.
  • Fun note jar: Fill with notes labeled build indoor fort, make crafts, library visit, walk, bike, hike, ski, play cards or board games, and other activities you will do with the person.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency offers more no-waste holiday information. Visit or call 651-296-6300.