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Detail from Human Rights logo showing human heads in various colors.

Omar Bonderud Award


The Omar Bonderud Award is presented by the Bloomington Human Rights Commission to an individual or organization that has made a significant contribution to ensuring the rights of people in Bloomington. Omar Bonderud was the first Chairperson of the Bloomington Human Rights Commission, formed in 1968.  

The 2017 Omar Bonderud Award recipient is Artistry for its intentional effort to reach out to diverse populations ensuring access to the arts through a wide variety of programming. Artistry creates special opportunities for students, people with disabilities, older adults and individuals who have low incomes to make programs more accessible. 

Artistry has recently been working with the commission to promote the experience of children of immigrant parents using art as a direct connection to sparking discussion about human rights, immigration and refugee experiences. 

If you know of an individual or organization that has shown special efforts to ensure citizens of Bloomington equal opportunities in employment, housing, public accommodations, public services, education and/or represent a substantial effort toward educating, winning or preserving equality and justice for protected groups, consider nominating them for the 2018 Omar Bonderud. Applications will be available August 2018.