At your service: Danielle Birkhofer

Housing and Redevelopment Authority Office Assistant Danielle Birkhofer puts her passion for helping people to work every day as the first point of contact in the HRA office. Birkhofer processes paperwork that helps residents attain, maintain or improve housing directly such as the Housing Choice Voucher program, Rental Homes for Future Homebuyers program, the Housing and Rehabilitation Loan program and more.

She also answers an array of questions about housing assistance and points people toward community partners that can help them, including organizations like HOME Senior Community Services, VEAP, Cornerstone for Domestic Violence and the Hennepin County’s Office of Multicultural Services. 

“Connecting with our community through the HRA means so much to me,” Birkhofer said. “I get to interact with great people and hear their individual stories, which allows me to serve and support them in unique ways. Right now I’m especially motivated to work and alleviate worries that have come along with the pandemic.”