Home Energy Squad Enhanced

Help us reduce our community’s energy use and save energy by joining the Intercity Challenge!

The City of Bloomington has joined fourteen other cities to promote home energy efficiency to help residents lower their energy bills and increase home comfort.

 Home Energy Squad challenge numbers

Our challenge to you – sign up for a free virtual Home Energy Squad® visit:

Our goal is to be the city that completes the most number of visits per capita in 2020 to help save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. During a virtual visit an energy consultant will guide customers on a walk-through assessment of their homes via video chat. Homeowners will receive energy saving tips to start saving energy right away and recommendations for next steps that may include an in-person visit and the installation of energy saving products.

Sign up online or call 651-328-6220.


Would you like to save money on your utility bills?

Home Energy Squad Enhanced is here to help you. The program includes a home energy visit right to your house and more. We help you understand your home's energy use so you can save money on your utility bills.

To sign up for a home energy visit, please visit the CEE website or call 651-328-6220.

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Xcel Energy and The City of Bloomington are pleased to work together to achieve our community energy goals:

Bloomington HRA has partnered with the Center for Energy and Environment, CenterPoint Energy, and Xcel to bring their Home Energy Squad Enhanced visits to homeowners in the City. The program encourages homeowners to make sustainable energy improvements to their homes and connects them to affordable financing options through the HRA and CEE. Participants will have a Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit and analysis of the home at a reduced price of $50. Free visits are available to income-qualifying households (view chart below to see if you qualify for a free visit). 

HES Visits Include: 

  • Installation of free materials such as LEDs, a programmable thermostat, door and attic hatch weather stripping, high-efficiency shower head and faucet aerators
  • Inspection of your attic and wall installation
  • A combustion safety test and carbon monoxide check
  • Help with next steps

Homeowners will be given a complete report on their home along with HRA and CEE loan information to complete any bigger home improvement projects. The home energy visits are delivered by CEE, a local nonprofit with over 30 years of experience helping homeowners save money on their utility bills: CEE information page.

Home Energy Squad in action:

Join Mayor Gene Winstead while the Home Energy Squad helps him understand his energy usage and what energy improvements can be made to his home. See the program in action and witness how easy it can be to start saving money now!

Do you qualify for a free HES visit?

The HES program does not have income limitations but if you live in a 1-4 unit building and your household size meets the annual income limits listed below, you qualify for a free visit. You will be asked to sign a waiver verifying your household income at the beginning of your visit.

Household Size  Income Limit
1 $25,983
2 $33,987
3 $41,973

Free Home Energy Visit Poster

CenterPoint Energy, Xcel Energy, City of Bloomington HRA and the nonprofit Center for Energy and Environment (CEE).

Energy Fit Homes: Real savings. Lasting comfort.

Buying, selling or just staying put, it's never been more important to invest in your home's energy efficiency. Energy Fit Homes is a certificate program that focuses on energy efficient upgrades that are cost-effective to the homeowner, making it the only certification of its kind.

For more information or to sign up, please visit MN Energy Fit or call the CEE at 612-335-3483.