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Curb Appeal Loan Program


Enhance your home's exterior appearance with a zero interest Curb Appeal Loan

Fixup My Home



Have you noticed some wear and tear on your home? Thinking about replacing your windows, updating your siding, or replacing your driveway? Do you want to give your house a new look, but don't know where to start? The City of Bloomington wants to help you fix up your home!

There are fantastic offers on home improvement loans for qualifying residents. It is important as a homeowner to feel proud of your neighborhood, and the HRA will help you to maintain the value of your house.

The HRA will assist you with finding contractors that will meet your needs, and guide you on the steps you need to take to begin your project. It is up to you and your neighbors to apply to get started- it's just that simple!

Curb Map

PDF iconCurb Appeal Loan Application

Looking to improve the inside of your home, or looking for a larger loan? The Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program has its own webpage and allows you to borrow up to $35,000 with a 2% simple interest rate. 

Eligibility and Restrictions

Recipients may borrow up to $10,000 interest-free for eligible improvements. This pilot program is available to Bloomington residents living the focus area bordered by American Boulevard East, Portland Avenue, E 90th Street and the railroad tracks. 

Am I eligible to apply?

  • All applicants must be owner-occupants of their homes.
  • Homes must be at least 10 years old.
  • You must have sufficient equity in your home to cover the loan amount.
  • All loans are served on a priority basis.
  • Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. For more information, call 952-563-8937.

Maximum Gross Income limits (subject to change)

1 person - $70,000
2 people - $80,000
3 people - $90,000
4 people - $100,000
5 people - $108,000
6 people - $116,000
7 people - $124,000
8 people - $132,000

How much money can I borrow?

  • Maximum loan amount: $10,000
  • Interest rate: 0%

How are these loans repaid?

  • There are no monthly payments.
  • The loan must be repaid upon sale, refinance, transfer or conveyance of the property, or when the property is no longer the legal residence of the applicant.
  • Loans may be prepaid but this must be done in a lump sum.

What improvements are eligible?

Eligible improvements include but not limited to (must be exterior and viewable from the curb): 

  • Driveway Replacements
  • Painting
  • Garage Doors
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Landscaping​

Not eligible:

  • Work in progress or completed prior to loan commitment.
  • Recreational facilities such as pools, gazebos, hot tubs.
  • Interior improvements.



Preserve & enhance vital, safe, welcoming neighborhoods.

  • Preserve the character of low density neighborhoods
  • Maximize the desirability of residential areas
  • Have a variety of living options
  • Be a community where residents & visitors are safe
  • Be a family-friendly community

Create inviting, high quality recreation & open spaces.

  • Maintain & enhance City park & recreation assets
  • Implement bikeway & walking networks & their interfaces with transit, commercial, & recreation

Anticipate & adapt to challenges & opportunities.

  • Maintain housing & neighborhood quality
  • Renew the transportation & utility infrastructure
  • Make community investments that encourage private investments