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Affordable housing opportunities in Bloomington

What is subsidized housing?

Here is a quick overview of reduced rent programs offered around the Metro. 

Find out more about why the City of Bloomington supports the creation and preservation of affordable housing. 

Bloomington Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

Waiting list status: Closed

HUD-Housing Choice Voucher Fact Sheet

The Bloomington HRA's Housing Choice Voucher Program (previously Section 8) assists 551 households with rent assistance for privately owned rental units such as apartments, duplexes and single-family homes. The program is open to all income-qualified people including seniors, families and people with disabilities. The Voucher Program provides affordable housing to the greatest number of people of any housing program in the city.

The participant household pays a minimum of 30 percent of household income as rent, with the Voucher Program paying the difference to the landlord. The rental unit must also pass annual Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections to qualify. The unit selected must be a non-luxury unit and rent for a reasonable amount in comparison to other similar units in the market.  

Due to great demand and limited funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the HRA opens the program's waiting list to new applicants only when the current waiting list has been exhausted.

Rental Homes for Future Homebuyers Program

Waiting list status: Open

The Rental Homes for Future Homebuyers Program helps families save money to buy a home, while renting one of 21 single-family homes in Bloomington. When accepted to the program, the HRA will save a portion of the family's rent each month to use as a down payment when they buy a home. Participants must be willing to enter into a five-year contract to identify the goals they need to complete to become a homeowner.

All families must have at least three and not more than six family members. Qualified families must also earn at least $25,980 per year and have good credit and rental histories. Families must be able to pay the minimum rent and utilities of approximately $979 per month. In addition, the HRA will review any criminal records and verify that all household members have citizenship or eligible immigration status.

The HRA is currently accepting applications to be placed on the Rental Homes waiting list. Each year, about three to five new families enter the program. Visit the webpage at for more information. 


Other affordable housing opportunities in Bloomington

Singles and families

  • Bloomington Family Townhomes, 4810-4840 Nord Drive, PH: 952-920-6113.
  • Blooming Glen Townhomes, 724 Southglen Drive, PH: 952-888-6350.
  • Highlands Apartments, 5200 W. 98th St., PH: 952-830-1900.
  • Lyndale Townhomes, 8564 Lyndale Ave., PH: 952-746-7733.
  • Penn Place Apartments, 10041 Penn Ave., PH: 952-888-7732.
  • Southview Estates, 8901 Aldrich Ave., PH: 952-698-3013.
  • Sumter Lane Townhomes, 10568 Sumter Lane, PH: 952-829-7271.
  • Tealwood Apartments, 9900 Briar Rd., PH: 952-897-1085.
  • The Crossings at Valley View, 8735 Portland Ave. S., PH: 952-303-5559.


Disabled persons only

  • Henry Court I and II, 8650 Aldrich Ave. S., PH: 651-645-7271.
  • LW Fraser Independent Living, 10337 Lyndale Ave. S., PH: 612-861-1688.
  • NHHI/ASI Bloomington Supportive Housing, 9500 Lyndale Ave. S., PH: 651-639-9799.
  • Tasks Unlimited-Bloomington Lodge, 8230 13th Ave. S., PH: 612-871-3320.
  • The Meadows at Oxboro, 401 W. 95th St., PH: 651-639-9799.

Housing opportunities outside of Bloomington