Dwan Golf Club up to par

Dwan Golf Club is up to par and then some. The 18-hole, par-68 golf course is getting an update with the addition of a new set of forward tees. Each hole will increase from three to four tee location options, with the front two being par 72. Golfers of all skill levels will find something new and exciting in the game here.

“We’re not taking away anything,” Golf Course Manager Peter Kurvers said. “We’re just enhancing what we already have.”

On several holes, a new tee location will be placed forward of the existing tee box. On other holes, the existing tee box can accommodate the fourth tee location. The work began last fall and will be playable by spring. The changes will improve the pace of play and player enjoyment.

“We are reimagining how to set up a golf course so that we offer all players a tee option that gives them the best chance to have a great experience every time they play at Dwan,” Kurvers said.

For information, visit blm.mn/dwan or call 952-563-8702.