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Dwan Golf Course

On course for a renewed community

It’s a new dawn at Dwan. As the 50th anniversary of the golf course approaches next year, it’s clear Dwan Golf Club could use some TLC.

Just like any home or business, after a few years (or decades), much-loved and much-used amenities need a refresh. The City is continuously working to make Bloomington even better with improved and enhanced facilities and amenities for you and your family. Among the projects in the early stages of consideration are improvements to Dwan Golf Club.

This City-owned 18-hole golf course, located south of Old Shakopee Road between Xerxes and France Avenue, is in need of updates to its buildings and grounds. Opportunities for refurbishments and upgrades can be found throughout the 4,500-square-foot clubhouse building.

“The Dwan clubhouse has been in use for decades and is in perpetual need of repair,” General Manager Peter Kurvers said. “The restroom facilities are inadequate, and the ongoing expense to repair structural deficiencies and restore equipment could make replacement the most cost-effective option in the long term.”

Overall, to keep the aging building a fully functional community asset, improvements are needed to address energy efficiency and ongoing mechanical failures. The building’s structure has deteriorated from cracks and holes in the foundation. The bathrooms need refurbishing to comply with accessibility requirements and to fix worn cabinetry and hardware. The kitchen requires new equipment for the grill, fryer and coolers.

Guests to Dwan Golf Club—whether longtime golfers, neighboring residents or visitors from afar—can’t help but take notice of the need for modernization. For example, many tournaments or golf events held at Dwan are forced to go elsewhere for the customary dinner and social hour due to the small size and limited capacity of the current clubhouse.

“A new clubhouse, new bunkers and expanded food service options are essential to be competitive with other golf courses around the Twin Cities,” said Kurvers.

With upgrades, the golf course and clubhouse would be a greater community asset. As an affordable, welcoming facility open to the public, Dwan Golf Club makes a positive impact on all residents, whether or not they play golf. In a recent survey of Bloomington residents, 82 percent of respondents said Bloomington’s park and recreation facilities and trails are important to their quality of life and 91 percent said they are important to the value of their home.

Dwan Golf Club, located in Bloomington’s southwestern hills above the Minnesota River Valley, is among the many recreational spaces the City provides. For more information, visit or call 952-563-8702.