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  • 90% of residents gave excellent/good ratings to fire services, an 8% increase over 2020.
  • 94% of residents gave excellent/good ratings to fire services, an 8% increase over 2020.
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Residents’ opinions about fire safety remain strong

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Bloomington Briefing Published November 1, 2021
Updated on November 1, 2021
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The City’s annual National Community Survey results showed favorable reviews for the Bloomington Fire Department. Bloomington residents gave positive scores to fire services, fire prevention and education, and emergency preparedness. See two survey results below.

The department aims to respond to 90% of any incidents within 7 minutes, 30 seconds with at least three firefighters. BFD achieved this goal for 62% o the incidents. 

“I want to be transparent about our actual performance,” said Fire Chief Ulie Seal. “Right now, we are not achieving our response time goals. The Fire Service enjoys a relatively good reputation nationwide. Bloomington Fire is always looking for ways to improve our delivery of service to provide excellent fire safety and emergency medical services to anyone who needs us.”

In 2020, firefighters responded to 3,195 emergencies. Firefighters don’t just respond to structure, wildland and vehicle fires, and vehicle extrications. They also respond to medical emergencies, water rescues, hazardous materials incidents, vehicle accidents, carbon monoxide alarms and other service calls.