Fire fighters

Firefighters among friends

Firefighting on a minus six-degree day is cold business, but unexpected kindness warms hearts even in bad weather. Thanks to two neighbors, a fire was a little less burning at West Bush Lake Road, at least in spirit.

Approximately 40 firefighters from Bloomington, Eden Prairie and Edina took several hours to extinguish the blaze. On January 27, the temperature was less than ideal for firefighting.

A neighbor with a home just 30 feet from the fire opened up his heated garage for the firefighters. The shelter provided a place for firefighters to clear ice from one of their most important pieces of equipment, the self-contained breathing apparatus.

Another neighbor brought snacks and drinks for the firefighters as well as police at the scene. 

“She made several trips and brought a lot of food,” Fire Chief Ulie Seal said. “This was more than a pan of cookies.”

The neighbors received a letter of recognition from Seal on behalf of the City. Helpful neighbors do what they can during the most challenging times in the most surprising ways.

“Both of those people actually hit three cities with their thoughtfulness,” he said.

Still more good news: all family members and their two pets emerged safely from the blaze.