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BFD – Bloomington Fire Department

Fire Department open houses canceled

In the interest of keeping the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bloomington Fire Department canceled the 2020 Fire Department open houses.  

Suspended non-emergency services

The Bloomington Fire Department is suspending the following non-emergency services until further notice:

  • Fire prevention presentations.
  • Fire station tours.
  • Fire truck visits.
  • Home safety Inspections.
  • Participation in parades and drive-bys.
  • Smoke and CO alarm installation assistance will be on a case-by-case basis.

The 120 members of the Bloomington Fire Department respond to fire calls from six fire stations throughout the city 24 hours a day using a combination of mostly paid-on-call staff and a contingent of full-time staff.    

Bloomington Fire Department- ISO Rating (Class 2)

In March of 2017 the Insurance Services Office (ISO) completed a Public Protection Classification survey on the Bloomington Fire Department. In July the ISO released the rating for the Bloomington (MN) Fire Department as a Class 2 Fire Department. The survey reviews Emergency Communications, Fire Department Operations & Training, Water Supply and Community Risk Reduction. ISO rates each department with a score from 1 to 10 (1 being the best). ISO's Public Protection Classification Program plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies. The Bloomington Fire Department's Class 2 rating is only achieved by 1,323 other departments in the United States.  

Mom with child in car seat

Car seat clinics

To schedule a visit, please call Fire Prevention at 952-563-8930 or request car seat installation assistance using our online form.

Smoke alarm program

The Bloomington Fire Department will install smoke alarms with batteries as well as check and change smoke alarm batteries free of charge to qualified Bloomington residents. The Department will install a smoke alarm for each level of the residence as needed. Fire personnel are available for alarm installations, checks and battery changes.

Appointments can be made by calling Fire Prevention at 952-563-8930 or request Smoke and CO alarm installation assistance (battery operated only) online.

Fire prevention activities and visits

Fire prevention visits: The Bloomington Fire Department will present fire prevention programs to Bloomington schools, clubs, organizations and residents. Firefighters deliver information appropriate for children of all ages. Among the most popular programs are the Fire Safety House, truck visits, station tours, and Sparky the Fire Dog and Pluggie. These events allow children to come in contact with firefighters and see the gear, equipment and tools that are used to help residents of the city. Department members assist fourth-grade elementary school teachers with the Junior Fire Safety Program each winter. They also visit many block parties during National Night Out each August.

To schedule a visit, please call Fire Prevention at 952-563-8930 or request Fire Department services online.