There are many ways to volunteer with water related activities. This page describes a few organized groups that are dedicated to water topics. These groups include:

  • Master Water Stewards
  • Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP)
  • Wetland Health Evaluation Program (WHEP)

See below for more information on each organization and happy volunteering!


Organized under the Freshwater Society the Master Water Stewards is described as a program that certifies and supports community leaders to prevent water pollution and educate community members to conserve and protect our waterways. The program is a partnership between Freshwater and participating cities, counties, watershed management organizations and non-profits.

Please visit their website for more information:


Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP)

Volunteers to help monitor the health of Bloomington’s lakes! In Bloomington, this program is run by the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District. Visit the following links for more information:

CAMP is a Metropolitan Council - Environmental Services program where citizen volunteers monitor water quality in the Twin Cities metro area. Training and equipment are provided. Access to a boat is required.
In Bloomington, the following lakes are monitored: Bush Lake, Normandale Lake, and Lower Penn Lake.
A volunteer should expect to collect data on a bi-weekly basis (April-October). Water samples will be sent to a lab and tested for total phosphorus, nitrogen, and chlorophyll-a. A volunteer will also obtain a Secchi transparency measurement, and provide some user perception information about the lake's physical and recreational condition.
The main purpose of CAMP is to provide the City and other water managers with water quality information. This data helps in resource management and documentation of water quality impacts and trends.

Wetland Health Evaluation Program (WHEP)

WHEP is a program that engages citizen volunteers to help monitor wetlands throughout Dakota and Hennepin Counties. Each year Bloomington chooses a few wetlands for WHEP volunteers to survey. The data they collect helps inform restoration and management decisions.
Volunteers are typically recruited and asked to register between March and May of each year. Visit the WHEP website for more information and select the “Get Involved” tab for specific information on volunteering: