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The City of Bloomington City Council has received requests for action from area residents regarding neighborhood traffic issues of vehicular speeding and cut through traffic. As a result, the Council has worked with the Traffic and Transportation Commission and City Staff to develop traffic management (formerly traffic calming) programs and policies to address these resident concerns.

Traffic Management Programs

There are two parts to the Traffic Management program, Local Street and Collector Street. Local streets are the streets that go into neighborhoods and provide access from a residence to a collector street. A collector street is a street that collects the traffic from the local streets and carries it to a higher classified street that is designated to carry the traffic throughout the city and metro area. The City of Bloomington functional roadway classification map from the city's Comprehensive Plan 2008 shows the designated street classifications (any street designated lower than a collector, i.e. local street, is not marked on the legend of the map).

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This section is dedicated to sharing information about traffic calming and different traffic calming techniques - articles, websites with related information, studies, etc.

Three Lane Streets


Rectangle Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB)

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For more information about Traffic Management Programs or Traffic Calming contact

Paul Jarvis, Traffic Management Coordinator - 952-563-4548 or