South Loop Sanitary Sewer Capacity Improvement Projects

PDF icon South Loop Project Map

What is the scope of the project?

Based on the current and projected development in the South Loop District, it has been determined that a sanitary sewer upgrade is necessary to increase the capacity in the area to allow for the increase in flow.  This project is intended to re-direct sanitary sewer flows away from the existing route on 24th Avenue, which has capacity constraints, and re-direct the flow south in a new sanitary sewer pipe on 28th Avenue from American Boulevard, and then west on East Old Shakopee Road.  

Therefore, this project would include the installation of a new sanitary sewer pipe along 28th Avenue and a small segment of East Old Shakopee Road.  The new pipe would connect into the existing sanitary sewer pipe on American Boulevard, just east of 28th Avenue, head south on 28th Avenue and west on East Old Shakopee Road, connecting into an existing line that was previously upgraded on East Old Shakopee Road, just west of 28th Avenue.  

This sanitary sewer work will be completed with a combination of trenchless and open trench techniques.  The sanitary sewer installation near the intersection of 82nd Street and 28th Avenue will need to be completed by trenchless installation under the existing LRT tracks.
The first phase of sanitary sewer capacity improvements in the area includes the work described above on 28th Avenue and East Old Shakopee Road.  This would be followed by the second phase of improvements in the area including the American Boulevard Sanitary Sewer Capacity Improvement Project, anticipated to occur in 2022.  This sanitary sewer improvement would include American Boulevard from 28th Avenue to just east of 34th Avenue.    

How is the project funded?

The project will be funded by South Loop Development Funds.

What is the project schedule?

Phase 1, which includes East Old Shakopee Road and 28th Avenue is anticipated to complete design in early 2021 and construction will begin in the Spring of 2021, completing in the Fall of 2021.