Richfield Bloomington Watershed Management Organization Youth Education Program

The Youth Education Program will empower and educate elementary school students to help protect and improve water quality throughout their lives! Including detailed lessons and fun field trips, students will be engaged in many aspects of water.

The goal of the program is:

  1. Increase knowledge of water in the environment
  2. Increase ability to improve water quality
  3. Increase confidence to improve water resources

The City of Bloomington, as a managing partner of the Richfield Bloomington Watershed Management Organization (RBWMO) is helping to facilitate a youth education program with grant from the Board of Water and Soil Resources' (BWSR) Watershed Based Implementation Funding (WBIF). The WBIF grant program is funded by the Minnesota Clean Water Land and Legacy Fund.

The youth education program has a curriculum focused on basic water and environmental principles. It will be organized with the partnering agency, The Minnesota Valley Refuge Friends (MVRF). Courses will be taught by a professional educator licensed through the State of Minnesota. Course materials, the educator's time, transport, and facilities will be at no cost to the schools. Majority of funding will be covered by the WBIF grant with match funds coming from the City of Bloomington, the City of Richfield, and the MVRF. The curriculum consists of five classroom hours and culminates in a field trip to the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge.

Grant funds total $30,000.00 with a required match funding of $5,000.00. Funds must be spent within three years.

Access to the Minnesota Legislative Coordinating Commission website can be found at the following link: