Normandale Blvd (CSAH 34) Reconstruction Project - October 15, 2014 Virtual Open House

Below are the display boards that were presented at the Normandale Blvd Reconstruction Project Neighborhood Informational Meeting on Thursday, October 15, 2014 from 5 - 7 p.m. at St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Bloomington. More information can be found on the Normandale Blvd (CSAH 34) Reconstruction Project project page.

The boards include the proposed design of the entire corridor of Normandale Blvd from 94th Street to approximately Nine Mile Creek. The plan includes a right in/right out at Norman Ridge Drive and a three-quarter intersection at Northwood Ridge. There is also a separate board that explains what a three quarter intersection would entail at this location—right in, right out and a left out, but no left turn from Normandale Blvd to Northwood Ridge would be permitted. Those drivers coming from the south and headed north on the Normandale Blvd would need to make the left turn in the protected left turn bay proposed at Southwood Drive. Also, included below is an existing typical section of the corridor along with proposed typical sections for the road and left turn bay locations along with the key milestones for the project.

Please email any questions or comments to the contact information given below by Tuesday, October 28. If you are having trouble viewing the proposed design of the entire corridor, a copy will be available for viewing in the Engineering Division of the Public Works Building located at 1700 West 98th Street.