Illicit Discharge


If you are looking to report an illicit discharge, please contact the City of Bloomington Engineering department at: 

Preventing pollution from damaging water is a key priority of the City of Bloomington’s Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination System (IDDE). Noxious chemicals may come to mind when thinking about pollution in water but there is a wide variety of pollutants that are prohibited from entering water bodies. See the list below for some common examples of illicit discharge events. If you see illicit discharge, please report it to the City using the contact information presented above.

While direct dumping of pollutants into water bodies happens on occasion, the most common way that pollution gets into the lakes, ponds, wetlands, and streams of Bloomington is through storm drains. Storm drains connect to pipes that outlet directly into water bodies – the water in these pipes is not cleaned. Please, do not put anything other than clean water in storm drains. If you want to learn more about how to prevent pollution from entering storm drains please see the Adopt-A-Drain program.

Video of Illicit Discharge