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Highwood Drive Corridor Study

Project Update

Council Adopted Recommendations

(The trail along Highwood, flashing beacon removal and long term recommendations were not adopted by the Council.)


  • Highwood Drive Corridor
    This summer the striping changes on Highwood Drive (converting it from a 4-lane undivided to a 2-lane with painted center median, left turn bays and on-street bike lanes) will be implemented in conjunction with a seal coat on the corridor (between East Bush Lake Road and West Bush Lake Road) and the far west segment (from West Bush Lake Road to the west terminus) was striped last week as part of the overlay project.
  • East Bush Lake Road Intersection
    The recommendation falls right in line with the signal system construction project proposed by Hennepin County for 2015. As part of the study results, the City encourages the County to make any minor alignment improvements possible as part of the signal replacement and overlay project. The City will also work with Hennepin County identify opportunities to construct a southbound right-turn lane/bay at East Bush Lake Road and W 86th Street to safely serve the large number of southbound rights at that location.
  • West Bush Lake Road Intersection
    This intersection will remain a 4-way stop. The City will review the southbound left turn lane capacity and need in the future when an opportunity arises to modify it.


This study is being conducted to plan for future cross-section and intersection control needs along Highwood Drive, from East Bush Lake Road (CSAH 28) to the west terminus near US Highway 169 (US169). Construction of the 169/494 interchange was substantially completed December of 2012. With the interchange project the intersection of US169 and Highwood Drive was eliminated and a cul-de-sac was construction on Highwood Drive at US169. The interchange project also included modifying Marth Road (which runs parallel to a portion of Highwood Drive), from a one-way only road to a two-way road on a ring route around the interchange. It is anticipated that these modifications will alter travel routes/patterns on surface streets in the area.

Prior to the nearby changes that will result in traffic pattern changes on Highwood Drive, this four-lane undivided roadway carried between 3,900 and 8,500 vehicles per day. There is a traffic signal at Highwood's intersection with East Bush Lake Road and a 4-way stop at its intersection with West Bush Lake Road. The traffic signal at its previous intersection with US169 has been removed and a cul-de-sac constructed at the new east terminus of Highwood Drive.

The goals of the study are as follow:

  • Develop a plan for intersection control at the intersection of Highwood Drive and East Bush Lake Road;
  • Identify any near or medium term improvements that could be made at the intersection of Highwood Drive and East Bush Lake Road to improve capacity and reduce delay;
  • Develop a plan for intersection control at the intersection of Highwood Drive and West Bush Lake Road;
  • Develop a roadway cross-section/lane configuration to optimize use of the existing roadway for vehicle and multi-modal needs, as well as aesthetics;
  • Identify phased-in options for cross-section/lane modifications;
  • Address pedestrian crossing safety concerns along the corridor;
  • Evaluate, and address if appropriate, speeding concerns along the corridor;
  • Identify and address other resident or stakeholder concerns along the corridor, as they become evident during the public involvement and stakeholder group process.