Green Streets for Blue Waters - Task 4

Neighborhood (at large) Raingardens

Project Summary

Task 4 constructed raingardens at strategic locations within the sub watershed and project area providing water quality benefit to the Minnesota River where residents had an expressed interest and a commitment to maintenance.

There were 16 raingardens installed as part of Task 4. Cumulatively they capture over 1.2 million gallons of runoff, 2,000 pounds of solids, and 5 pounds of phosphorus on an annual basis that would otherwise flow into the Minnesota River.

Before and after

Before and after

Project details

  • Practice

    • Storm Water Retrofit (Biofiltration)
  • Project Benefits

    • Contributing Drainage Area – 3.1 acres
    • Runoff Captured – 190,000 gallons/year
    • TSS Removed – 300 lbs/year
    • Phosphorous Removed – 0.7 lbs/year
  • Watershed

    • Lower Minnesota River
  • Construction

    • 2013

Location map

Task 4 location


Clean Water Fund $133,000
Local Fund Match $67,500
Total Project Cost $200,500

Local match funds are being provided by the City of Bloomington and the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District.

Project partners