Green Streets for Blue Waters - Task 2

Mission Lane Raingardens

Project Summary

This rain garden, installed on a non-curbed street, was planted with a variety of plants that bloom throughout the growing season and have the ability to tolerate extreme wet and dry conditions. 

Although only one raingarden ended up being constructed on this street, it captures over 55,000 gallons of runoff, 90 pounds of solids, and 0.2 pounds of phosphorus on an annual basis that would otherwise flow into the Minnesota River.

Task 2 before and after photo

Project details

  • Practice

    • Stormwater Retrofit (Biofiltration)
  • Project Benefits

    • Contributing Drainage Area – 0.2 acres
    • Runoff Captured – 55,200 gallons/year
    • TSS Removed – 90 lbs/year
    • Phosphorous Removed – 0.2 lbs/year


    • Lower Minnesota River
  • Construction

    • 2013

Location map

Task 2 location map


Clean Water Fund $13,300
Local Fund Match $12,600
Total Project Cost $25,900

Local match funds are being provided by the City of Bloomington and the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District.

Project partners