2021-802 Bridge Preservation Project


2021-802 Bridge Preservation Project

What is the scope of this project?

This bridge preservation project will repair, maintain and extend the life span of three bridges in Bloomington.  These three bridges include the American Boulevard Bridge over Highway 100 (Bridge # 27647), Auto Club Bridge (Bridge #27563) and the Pedestrian Bridge at 106th Street over Nine Mile Creek (Bridge #27698).  

MnDOT certified Bloomington city staff conducts routine inspections of all three bridges as part of a required 24-month frequency inspection.  During these routine inspections, staff has determined that these three bridges will require further evaluation and preservation to continue to protect them and cost effectively extend their life span.  This project is not intended to replace the bridges, but rather to include items of preventative maintenance and preservation to extend the life of the bridges.  This evaluation and design will completed by a structural engineering consultant in cooperation with City staff.

How is the project funded?

The project will be funded by Municipal State Aid funds.

What is the project schedule?

Bridge evaluation and design will continue through 2020.  It is anticipated that design will complete by early 2021 and construction will begin in the Spring of 2021 and complete by the Fall of 2021. 



July 2020

July 2020