2020-901 Storm Sewer Maintenance Project

2020-901 Storm Sewer Maintenance Project includes work at the following sites:

  • 8833 & 8905 Lakeview Road – Replace internal water-quality screens in two existing manholes.  The existing screens, called baffles, are made of wood and nearing the end of their lifespan.  The replacement baffles are made of stainless steel, in a design developed by the U of M’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory and are referred to as SAFL Baffles.  Based on observations from our maintenance crews, these systems capture much more sediment than the old wooden baffles.
  • 8079 Kentucky Circle – Add a catch basin and connect to existing storm sewer.
  • 11670 & 11672 Normandale Boulevard – Add four catch basins and a manhole, connecting to existing storm sewer.
  • 5100 W 91st Street – Add two manholes with new SAFL Baffles.
  • 9920 Logan Avenue S – Replace concrete top slab above water-quality structure.
  • W 82nd Street at Railroad Right-of-way – Replace shallow storm sewer pipe.
  • 70 Norman Ridge Drive – adjust storm sewer casting and replace curb and gutter.
  • 9000 Veness Road – install draintile and connect to existing storm sewer.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Work at these sites involves installing a trenchless relining “pipe within a pipe” that usually does not require excavation, and are completed within a day or two (addresses are approximate location and most work is within the right of way or an easement). The process is called Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) and is a common pipe repair method for both sanitary and storm sewers.

  • 8127 Kentucky Circle
  • 4525 Overlook Drive


Throughout the project, updates will be posted on this website.


September 2020

September 18, 2020

Beginning September 28, the contractor will be working at the remaining sites, one of which will require a full road closure. Advance warning signs will be going up the week of September 21 on W 91st Street, at Toledo Road and Poplar Bridge Road. The other sites will involve temporary lane closures of short duration.

September 3, 2020

Beginning September 8, the contractor will be installing the cured-in-place liner at Site C – 8127 Kentucky Circle.  This site should take 3-4 days, during which the trail from Kentucky Circle and the Forest Glen Trail will be closed for the public’s safety.  Once that site is finished, they will move to Site H – 4525 Overlook Drive.