2019-902 Pond Maintenance Project

Project Details

This project includes creek bank stabilization at Nine Mile Creek near Queen Ave S, and sediment excavation at Ford Pond adjacent to the off-leash dog park at 11000 Nesbitt Ave S.

The creek repairs will use a combination of boulders and soil wraps to repair ongoing erosion that threatens the southerly access to Nine Mile Creek’s Lower Valley. The soil wraps will use natural fiber reinforcement fabric and vegetation above the normal creek flows and natural field stone to stabilize the existing creek bank.

Excavation work at Ford Pond will restore the sediment basin to the original contours, and restore the sediment-capturing water quality benefits. This maintenance work will take advantage of the winter weather conditions and may involve a drawdown of the pond. 

Work is expected to begin in late January or early February and be substantially complete by early March 2020. Final restoration is expected to be completed by May, 2020.


January 2020

January 31, 2020

At Nine Mile Creek, the contractor completed work on the far side of the creek this week. The area has been restored with erosion control blanket and dormant seeding. Work has shifted to the eroded bank where the contractor is placing large boulders at the toe of the bank. Once that work is done, construction of the vegetation-stabilized slopes will begin. Weather permitting, this work will be done the week of February 17.

At Ford Pond, the contractor completed construction of the road across from W 110th St. Hauling of sediment is now scheduled for the week of February 3 and will not involve any disruption to the off-leash dog area.