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Storm sewer maintenance

2019-901 Storm Sewer Maintenance Project

The City annually contracts work to maintain the City's storm sewer system. The projects are identified by inspections, life cycle evaluations, citizen inquiries, ongoing erosion problems, flood reduction investigations and/or more permanent construction from emergency repairs of flooding situations, sinkholes or other damage or failures. When feasible and cost effective, the repairs are done using trenchless techniques to avoid open-cut construction and the related traffic impacts. The 2019-925 Nine Mile Creek Washout Repair Project at Harrison/Moir Park was included with this project contract. Additional work sites may be added when urgent emergency repairs are required. Construction of the CIPP liners is expected to start in early September with other sites starting in mid-September. Work at Bush Lake and Nine Mile Creek is dependent on water levels and may be done later in the fall.


2019-901 Storm Sewer Maintenance Project includes work at the following sites:

  • Bush Lake at the East Bay - 7501 W. 86th Street/7515 Izaak Walton Road – Remove and replace the existing non-functioning water control/fish barrier structure and inlet/outlet pipes at the East Bay of Bush Lake. The East Bay is part of the water quality protections to Bush Lake, providing additional treatment for stormwater that drains to the lake. The fish barrier prevents carp migration and spawning in the East Bay.

    This work is expected to use the existing pump system to lower Bush Lake to about 832 (feet above sea level), about 1.0-1.5 feet below the Normal Water Level (NWL) of 833.5. The pumps are often used during the spring and other wet periods in compliance with the Bush Lake Management Plan to maintain the lake NWL. Based on current “wetter than normal” climate trends and current pumping activity, Bush Lake is anticipated to return to the NWL in the first six months of 2020. A DNR Public Waters and Appropriations Permits are required.

  • Nine Mile Creek at Harrison and Moir Parks/1701 W. 100th St. – Creekbank stabilization due to spring flood damage and bituminous trail repairs
  • 8700 to 8720 Humboldt Avenue South (east side) – Add two catch basins and storm sewer pipe to improve drainage and improve pavement durability   
  • 9432/9433 Oakland Avenue South – Replace two catch basins and replace corroded steel storm sewer pipe, reconstruct manhole in backyard and street restoration   
  • 8601 Columbus Avenue/8600 Chicago Avenue – Add overflow drain pipe to E. 86th St.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Work at these sites involves installing a trenchless relining “pipe within a pipe” that usually does not require excavation, and are completed within a day or two (addresses are approximate location and most work is within the right of way or an easement). The process is called Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) and is a common pipe repair method for both sanitary and storm sewers.

  • 9425 10th Avenue South to 9436 12th Avenue Circle
  • 12th Avenue South at 12th Avenue Circle
  • 2514/2531 Jones Place
  • West 96th Street at James Avenue South
  • West 81st Street & Fremont Avenue South
  • West 82nd Street & Fremont Avenue South
  • 9433 Oakland Avenue South to 9432 Park Avenue South


Throughout the project, updates will be posted on this website.